Walmart Eyeglasses vs America's Best

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Postby ScarlettBug » Tue Dec 22, 2020 10:25 pm

Move from the post about Walmart eyeglasses. Hopefully other people can add some useful perspectives.

gladiolus wrote:I checked our WalMart Optical to price a pair of glasses for my husband. I asked for Digimax, progressive, Transition, antiglare lenses and was told they would be about $498. I can't remember if that is with or without the frames, but they had some nice frames for about $49. They also had some $8 glasses for men, women, and children that didn't look too bad. I had asked for an estimate and the employee just told me without writing anything up.

The same lenses at America's Best in Tallahassee, Fl., would be about $371. They had frames starting at $49.95. We haven't ever bought from either store, so we would appreciate any info on the quality from both stores.

I don’t recommend buying from America’s Best. They use discontinued frames, so if your glasses break there’s really nothing that they can do for you.

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