Walmart Eyeglasses and Eye Exam - How much does it cost?

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Postby george » Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:45 pm

Updated 12/01/2023 to consolidate information and remove old information

As part of my search for finding the best place to purchase cheap eyeglasses, I looked into Walmart.

Eye exam cost: $53
Pupil dilation: $20
Contact lens Exam cost: $85 for standard contacts, $105 for bifocal contact lens exam

Eyeglass frames cost: $9 up to $140

Eyeglass lens cost (costs shown are for both lenses, some people report the prices are broken down as a charge per lens):
Plastic start at $29
Polycarbonate with anti-scratch, UV, and anti-reflective coating: $110
High Index Lens with anti-scratch, UV, and anti-reflective coating: Zeiss $145 and Nikon $180

Bifocal plastic lenses: $49
Bifocal polycarbonate lenses (with anti-scratch, UV, and anti-reflective coating): $110

Progressive lenses - plastic $110
Polycarbonate progressive lenses made by Zeiss, Seiko, or Nikon start at $245
High index polycarbonate lenses start at $350

Transitions coating to any lens adds $65

She said that the anti-reflective coating is made by whoever manufactures the lens, except the no name brands don't have a specific brand anti-reflective coating. I know when I called around in 2013, I was told Walmart uses their own anti-reflective coating on the generic lenses which they call "Platinum".

If you bring your own frames, you would also need a current prescription, but they will use frames purchased elsewhere for an extra $10 (cost at my Walmart, which may vary based on location and store). They said they can not order lenses based on the prescription they take off the current lenses, so you do need a current prescription.

Based on people's comments on Walmart Vision Center, people are generally very pleased with the customer service and quality of the product they've received. The one complaint that came up several times was the wait time.

If you have any comments, complaints, or questions about Walmart's Vision Center, feel free to post those thoughts in this thread.
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Postby alexis » Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:58 pm

The reason they charge for each eye is because each eye can have a diffrent prescribtion!

Postby eagleeye » Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:15 am

When the first poster stated that cheapest lens is plastic...indicating it is no good, actually that cheaper CR39 plastic has better optics than the polycarbonate lenses. If you looks at the ABBE number on CR39 plastic it is 43...much better optically than the ABBE of 31 for polycarbonate, and the CR39 is much cheaper...albeit somewhat thicker plastic. The higher the index you go...i.e. getting thinner and thinner polycarbonates up to an index of 1.7 or so, you will actually get more distortion in the lens, and chromatic aberrations. Go to Wikipedia and educate yourselves before buying lenses. I don't work for Walmart but I will say that the lenses at Walmart are no worse than those from other major chains and the prices are much better and you will have more selection of materials than at other chains. Crown glass is the best material optically, it is also much cheaper than polycarbonate but it is heavier than the plastics. That's not really a problem if you have small lenses.

Postby jonas » Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:58 pm

I just found out my husband spent $456.00 dollars at Walmart yesterday for some Digimax progressive lenses. He's at work and that's all the girl would tell me on the phone. No more detail than that. I can't believe any glasses would cost that much!! And that's with insurance paying $100.00 dollars!

Postby george » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:51 pm


It would be very helpful if you could find out the breakdown of how much was spent on frames and how much on each feature those lenses have.

I moved your post to this thread as the one you posted in is for discussion related to antireflective coatings. Someone in that thread did mention they got Digimax HD single vision lenses with crizal alize antireflective coatings and Transitions lenses for only $131. That seems like a very good value for a crizal alize coating and Transitions lenses, but I'm pretty sure that didn't include the frames.

I'm guessing the high cost of your husband's lenses was for the frames.
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Postby Arroyo Toad » Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:54 am

We bought some lenses yesterday at Walmart. They charged $319 for the lenses. The reciept only says Type LN, SKU 00980tracr, H: small fit activelite Tran br, price $319. On top of price was a $20 pattern fee because we used or own frames. The pattern fee is reasonable since I didn't buy their frame. The lens price seems extreme and I would like to know how we can tell if we were overcharged?
We didn't request anything special except progressive lens which they said the only lens they could put in the "short height lens" our frame had happened to also be a transition lens material. OK, so most expense value lens, progressive with transition (no anti-glare) and scratch coating. $159 per lens?
Arroyo Toad

Postby george » Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:50 pm

I'm not familiar with the specifics listed on your receipt, but I am guessing that must be a high index (thinner) lens.

At my local Walmart Vision Center, polycarbonate progressive lenses are $125 and it is an extra $70 for transitions and an extra $50 for ant-reflective coating, which you said you didn't get.

The price you paid would be more in line with the thinner high-index lenses. You should ask what index your lenses are to better see if you got overcharged.
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Postby arroyo toad » Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:43 am

Hi George,

Thanks for responding to this concern. It took well over an hour for the sales person to write up this order. Measure PD should take less than a minute but they fumbled around and the girl had to keep going to the back to talk to her supervisor. Incompetance is not my complaint, it should be expected at Walmart, but, price gouging should not. I will ask them to show me how they arrived at their figures. I'm sure it will cost me another hour of my time because they will have to come up with some numbers that add up. I believe this is what happened. They are told to make sure that all glasses cost $300 minimum, so when I showed up wanting lenses only that through the employee a real problem. It would explain the 4 or 5 trips to her supervisor. I"ll post what I find out for everyones benefit.

Thanks again.
arroyo toad

Postby gladiolus » Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:03 am

I checked our WalMart Optical to price a pair of glasses for my husband. I asked for Digimax, progressive, Transition, antiglare lenses and was told they would be about $498. I can't remember if that is with or without the frames, but they had some nice frames for about $49. They also had some $8 glasses for men, women, and children that didn't look too bad. I had asked for an estimate and the employee just told me without writing anything up.

The same lenses at America's Best in Tallahassee, Fl., would be about $371. They had frames starting at $49.95. We haven't ever bought from either store, so we would appreciate any info on the quality from both stores.

Postby Shipmom » Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:17 am

I had a great experience with the optometrist themselves but the associates in the vision center have been not so enjoyable. They even questioned the dr in front of me about the change in script. The doctor changed my script in one eye for glasses from -.75 to -1.00 and the associate said its so small a change it won't make a difference to have changed in my glasses. They argued and finally she complied and sent my glasses out to fix the strength.

They charged me $75 per single vision Nikon polycarbonate lens and $58 for my frames. In addition they charged me $14 for my exam and $35 for contact exam. They didn't bill my insurance for that which they are covered in network covered in full. But my receipt shows I was charged for my exams. Plus I've had to re send back my glasses to get a lense fixed. The also came scratched. I'm not happy.

My exam was June 9th 2012 and received my glasses on June 21, 2012. They have a 60 day refund/exchange policy with receipt. If I feel as unhappy as I do, and they currently have my glasses. Sent out as of Thursday 7/5/12 for a lens strength change and I'm in my 60 day should I be able to go in for a refund???? I suggest use the optometrist, they are great but do NOT buy their glasses.

Postby Harold » Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:19 pm

My wife and I went to Walmart yesterday. They charged us each $144.00 for and eye exam. Rip off! Plus they charged us $15.00 apeice for a printout of our prescriptions. Another rib off! Other places we went to in the past was $49.00 for exam and free print out of prescrption. I guess thats why they say Walmart is cheap. I will say there glasses were a little cheaper.

Postby haaylee » Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:37 am

I have 2 questions, the first one is not really related to cost but I need my glasses by the 26th of this month as I'm going away and would rather not have my headaches while I'm gone, does Walmart fast track glasses by any chance? And if they do how much extra would it cost? I would hope they have fast track because some people experience bad migraines if they don't have glasses and need them or else the person would be in agonizing pain for days

Postby george » Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:28 pm


Sorry that my reply is a bit late for you, but I'm guessing you already know the answer. My local Walmart Vision Center said they usually get glasses back in 7-10 days. They said they can put in a rush request but there is no guarantee they will get them any faster.
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Postby specs » Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:04 am

I went to walmart to buy glasses. I thought i got a great deal. The price for everything was $215 frames, lenses. I didn't go for the most expensive frames in the store. and a lot of the add-ons aren't necessary. I just want to see. not see into the future. I also didn't do my exam there, it was too pricey for the exam, so I went somewhere else for that.

Postby sloppy joe » Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:23 am

alexis wrote:The reason they charge for each eye is because each eye can have a diffrent prescribtion!

Another reason is that some people are blind in one eye or missing an eye and only need one lens.
sloppy joe

Postby terresa7277 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:17 pm

I, also was charged $150 per lens! I got home and wondered why it was so crazy expensive and thought I was double charged. I went into the store yesterday and the same woman was working. She said that she didn't make a mistake and that they charge per lens! CRAZY! My frames were only cheap $28 ones! I called For Eyes and a complete set of progressive lenses were $298. Top of the line lens pair!

Postby george » Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:45 pm


Did you get any additional options on your lenses, like Transitions or high index? I checked with my local Walmart recently and their progressive lenses were $240 for high index and $180 for polycarbonate, both of which include anti-reflective coatings. Transitions are an extra $60, which is why I asked if your lenses are high index with Transitions?
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Postby Nita » Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:41 pm


Can I just go to the walmart vision center and just get an eye exam and nothing else? pay for the eye exam then walk right out without them trying to get me to buy frames..?

Postby george » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:30 am

You can get an eye exam without buying glasses or contacts. They shouldn't give you any problems.
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Postby melissaRF » Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:39 pm

I already have a pair of frames. How much does it cost for the eye exam and the prescription to go into the glasses. I am near sighted. have a stigmatism. I can see just not read anything. Or driving I will see what looks like a cat and ends up being a bag. At night my vision is worse. I prescription lenses prices changes depednging on the prescription, please give me that average...with scratch/glare proof. Roughly what cost am I looking at?-thank you Melissa

Postby george » Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:41 pm


You will want to check with your local Wal-Mart as I wouldn't be surprised if they each have their own prices / policy on lens replacements. I called my local Wal-Mart and they said they charge a $10 "lens processing fee" if you don't buy your frames at their store. The eye exam is $49 near me and probably would be the same or very close near you. You can get basic plastic lenses for $30, but then add $45 for anti-reflective coating and UV coating. You can also get thinner, lighter polycarbonate lenses with anti-reflective coating, scratch resistant coating, and UV protection for $118.

So - you'd be looking at between $130 and $173 for basic lenses with anti-reflective coatings, including an eye exam and the $10 fee for using your own frames. If you need a very strong prescription, they will probably encourage you to get a high index lens, which is thinner. That will cost you more.

I plan on posting updated prices for most of what Wal-Mart offers in their optical department very soon.
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Postby Mookie » Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:11 pm

Two years ago for tri focal lens it cost me $298 for lens and $25 for frames.
Dr was some where else .

Postby plyder12 » Sat Aug 17, 2013 7:01 pm

Harold wrote:My wife and I went to Walmart yesterday. They charged us each $144.00 for and eye exam. Rip off! Plus they charged us $15.00 apeice for a printout of our prescriptions. Another rib off! Other places we went to in the past was $49.00 for exam and free print out of prescrption. I guess thats why they say Walmart is cheap. I will say there glasses were a little cheaper.

I work for Wal-Mart and have for 5 years in a little town called Cheboygan in Michigan. Just so you know the Vision Center like the Pharmacy and the Hair Salon are not really Wal-Marts, however, when you have a problem with any part of our store, management is still the same.

I'm not sure where this store is, state and town but the prices you have listed above are outrageous. Unless there are some special circumstances that have lead to these costs, there is a problem.
The eye doctor unfortunately is not a Walmart associate and can charge what he wants. However, Walmart go to great lengths to insure you get the best for the least. Save Money, Live Better

Please go to management. Ask for the Store Manager. Walmart store managers really do care about their customers and will do whatever it takes, within reason, to make things right. It is very important that you bring your receipts and printouts. Tell him/her about your experience and your dissatisfaction. Be clear and concise.( No anger or bad language will help your case. )
They will do something to help.
Should you not get a satisfactory result contact the district manager and then the president of the company. Believe me when I tell you that they care and will do something if at all possible.
thank you, patrick lyd Walmart, store # 2100
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Postby drmark0359 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:42 am

In many (most) states, Optometrists cannot be employed directly by an unlicensed corporation. Thus, in those States, Walmart cannot employ the Optometrist working at the Vision Center. They can only lease space to them. In some states, you even have to have a separate outside entrance to get to the Doctor's exam area.

Since this is the case, prices and quality will vary. An eye exam for $125 to $175 (not taking into account any insurance discounts) is not unusual for private practice Optometrists. Therefore, in states in which Walmart cannot employ the doctor, these prices are not out of line. In my state, for example, it is illegal for Walmart to have any control over the doctor's hours, number of patients he sees per hour, or what kind of care he gives. Thus, complaining to the Walmart manager will have little to no effect on the cost of exams.

I do know of cases where Walmart attempts to skirt State laws by threatening doctors: "If you don't charge less, we'll cancel your contract." "If you don't see so many patients per hour, we'll cancel your contract." "If you don't tell patients they should get anti-reflective lenses, we'll cancel your contract." etc. This sort of thing happens, but it is technically illegal (in those states).

In States where corporate practice is allowed, Walmart (and Costco, and Lenscrafters, etc) can set the doctor's hours, and tell him what quality of exam he will deliver. If they don't want patients dilated, the doctor won't dilate (except when he thinks its absolutely necessary).

It's a trade-off, in some ways. To a degree, you get what you pay for. Do you want quality eye care, or do you want cheap eye care? Do you care if you get glaucoma and it is undiagnosed, or do you want the doctor to catch it?

*Note: I am an eye doctor and my bias is against corporate practices.

Postby rampartone » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:24 pm

I just paid $125 for a routine eye glass exam at Walmart Waynesville NC :shock:

Postby barbieq » Mon Sep 02, 2013 4:48 pm

I went to Wal-mart to get my prescription filled. Did not use their doctor even though I had in the past because never could get anybody to answer the phone or call me back to set up appt. Picked out the frames I wanted and gave the associate my insurance card. I was told then that my coverage had changed from before and I was going to be paying a lot more out of my pocket this time than before . 2 yrs ago my glasses with insurance costed me $36 this year they charged me $259.00 and this is what I was going to have to pay out of pocket because my plan had been changed from EQ to AF what ever that means. I decided to call my insurance and ask questions. They told me they had not changed anything on my plan and that all I should have paid was the Co pay plus this time I added the transition and that was $50.00 according to Walmart. So all I should have had to pay was $60.00. So I go back to Walmart with a printed copy of what was covered and they told me in order to get what the insurance covered I was gone have to downgrade to a smaller field of vision. So they credited me back $159.00 and now I am to pay $110.00 out of pocket with a smaller vision field plus now I am going have to wait another week to get my glasses because they are going to have to send the others back and I haven't even gotten the first ones them yet. The total price of the first PR was$363. 22 now it is $317.22 a difference of $46.00 but even so I do not have the option of keeping the ones that will be coming in tomorrow and just paying the extra 46.00 + the $110.00 I was gone have to send those back and get downgrade ones. This all sounds like fuzzy math to me and I can tell you right now I have not had a happy customer experience at the Walmart vision center. I don't think I am gone be happy with my new glasses whenever I do get them because I believe somebody {Walmart] is lying and are just trying to pull a fast one and I think they do a lot of folks that way. I think I will be asking for my $110.00 refund back and just take my business elsewhere in the future.

Postby Ugh » Mon Sep 30, 2013 1:55 am

Okay, people.

Walmart Optical, Visionworks, America's Best, etc. are all the 'cheaper' optical chains around, however if you are choosing upgrades you HAVE to know you will be paying for it. Basic CR39 lenses are generally covered through insurance and frames up to a certain amount. This means, you are usually to pay a minimal copay for this and then ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you choose over and above that will cost you out of pocket. Anti-Reflective, Polycarbonate, Trivex, Digital, many progressives, transitions...EVERYTHING! And these add up quick. $80 for AR, $75 for transitions, $55 for Trivex, the list goes on and on. And those frames you love? Oh, they're $100 over what you're insurance covers. This adds up to over $200 in out of pocket expenses! Please be aware of what your insurance covers so you are not getting scammed by these salespeople, but at the same time do not go out to eat with your family for one night and spend over $150, but throw a fit when you are paying $150 to buy a pair of glasses so you can actually see the world around you. Rant over.

Postby helen623 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:27 pm

I was going to order there as well, earlier this year, but refused to pay that kind of price when you can get them online from California for peanuts. I use ZenniOptical dot com, measure my prior frames to know what size I want, take a picture of my prescription and email it to them. I get tons of choices, different colors, different sizes, they fill the prescription, then send them over to me. The only downside I would say is that the case that comes free is really a cheap plastic jobby, but hey, I just paid $39 for my full pair of glasses, including frame, lenses, coatings, etc. Transition and progressives, etc are extra, as expected, but still a lot cheaper than Walmart. Check it out and see if that would work for you, instead of paying a fortune for them at Walmart.

Good luck! :P

Postby Belle » Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:52 pm

I went for the exam and to get eyeglasses at Walmart. The exam only took five minutes and they charged me $85. I paid for lined bifocals and hated them. I also paid cash. I brought the glasses back b/c I didn't like them and they said that I would not get my refund for 30 days AFTER I left the glasses!

What a rip off! I won't go to any Walmart vision center again.

Postby Daniusa86 » Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:19 am

Just a note for those reading these post's. The Doctors in the Wal-Mart store's are all independent, they do not work for wal-mart and so they all have different prices for exams. THe glasses are basicaly all the same.

I know in my town, Pulaski, TN, Dr. Smith is a wonderfull doctor and here are his prices

eye exam $49.00
dialation $10.00
First time contact patient or wearer $89.00
Every contact visit after $75

Postby Tazotj » Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:28 pm

Get the exam for 50-75 dollars and then get the prescription and buy online. My single vision with polycarb lenses and frames were 19 bux TOTAL with free shipping using a promo code i picked up online for is another one with frequent promos. I am dropping my vision insurance because it is actually more expensive than doing this!

Postby WIDoreen » Wed Dec 18, 2013 9:45 am

I just got my new glasses 3 weeks ago. I had the prescription. My glasses are lined bi-focal, polycarbonate lenses, and I picked out a flexi-frame which was $98. I paid a total of $216, which is a lot less then Ihave paid in many years. They were ready in 5 days. I used no coupons or discounts. The salesassociate was friendly, helpful, and informative. I love the glasses and will definitely buy from them again. :D

Postby srbush » Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:01 am

I purchased my first set of glasses from Walmart many years ago before finding out they weren't covered by my insurance. Since then I have purchased glasses from Wing and Pearle Vision, both were covered by my insurance , but very unsatisfactory.

Returned to Walmart 5 years ago and am actually going again tomorrow. Even though Walmart isn't covered by my insurance, they have provided me with the most accurate prescription eyeglasses than the one's covered by my insurance!

Very Satisfied with their Optometrists/Eyewear, etc.. I am by-passing "Insurance" and paying out of pocket in order to get the best presciption.

Postby sasmoak » Thu Jan 09, 2014 7:52 pm

I just purchased eye glasses from walmart. Today they were ready and I picked them up. I cannot find my return policy. Nothing is broken or scratched , I am not satisified with how lens fit my face. Can I return these? I cannot find Walmarts return policy for eye glasses.

Postby george » Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:36 pm

I will check with the current return policy at my local Walmart, but I wouldn't be surprised if each one has some individuality to determine their return policy. It also may depend on what the issue is. What exactly is it about the lenses that you don't like? Is it that they don't seem to be in focus or you decided that you don't like the style of the frames and how they sit on your face?

I would suggest you talk to the Walmart where you purchased them and see what they are willing to do. If your vision is not clear, have them check the glasses to make sure they were made correctly to the your prescription.

Please update us here with how they handle it.
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Postby honeygirl » Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:09 pm

Went today ....I have no insurance. I received a complete exam from a great doctor, and purchased nice frames for 25 dollars. No line plastic bifocal lenses were 40 dollars each. Exam was 50 dollars plus 10 dollars for the pupil dilation exam. My total was 167. Very satisfied. Highly recommend.

Postby taz » Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:39 pm

I just went to Walmart and they said an eye exam would cost $80.00, but I read on one of the posts it was $50.00. Which one is it?

Postby george » Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:30 pm


There must be some regional differences between the various Walmart stores. I know that in another thread here where I had updated prices, someone from Alberta, Canada reported the eye exam was $80, but that could also be the difference in currency. I know by me the cost was $50, plus an additional $15 for pupil dilation.

I'm curious, where are you located? If they told you $80, then obviously they charge $80 in your area. Assuming you are in the US, I'm guessing for whatever reason, eye doctors charge more for exams in your area. I wish I had a better explanation for you.
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Postby tblades0324 » Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:32 am

I went to Wal-Mart 2or 3 days ago and was told that the eye exam is 70 I live in las vegas nv

Postby Janette » Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:33 pm

george wrote:Do you mean that they charged $15 per lens? That does seem very odd that they would break their price down by each lens. I can't imagine why they did that unless you were buying two different types of lenses. I'm guessing that would be extremely rare though.

It is rare but I'm one of those people. I have a bifocal in one side and a no bifocal in the other side.

Postby paige » Sun May 18, 2014 8:03 am

Just paid $89 for my exam at the Walmart in Salem, Oregon. That was $69 for the eyeglass exam and an addition $20 for the contact lens exam. Honestly don't see why it's an extra $20, since my vision is identical for both scenarios. I think it's just a gimmick to get more money. I was NOT impressed with the doctor at all, by the way.

Postby Miss M » Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:55 am

paige wrote:Just paid $89 for my exam at the Walmart in Salem, Oregon. That was $69 for the eyeglass exam and an addition $20 for the contact lens exam. Honestly don't see why it's an extra $20, since my vision is identical for both scenarios. I think it's just a gimmick to get more money. I was NOT impressed with the doctor at all, by the way.

The contact lens exam is more, because it requires more tests and measurements. The surfaces of your eyes will not be like everyone else's, and the curvature must be measured, among other things, like the size of your iris. Your eyes will be evaluated for proper tear production. Other measurements will be taken that factor into the manufacture of your contacts, which do not factor into eyeglass lenses.
Miss M

Postby Bex » Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:36 pm

Thanks for the info everyone.

I went to EyeGlass World and got a pair of designer framses with DigiMax progressive/Transitions lenses. Cost with insurance and full eye exam (including dilatation) was $554. What was different about this eye exam is that they actually handed me a prescription this time that I can take elsewhere/order online if I wanted additional pairs.

I wanted 2 pairs, but decided on one really nice pair. I'd like a second pair, so I will check prices at Wal-Mart. I will have to do the pricing without Wal-Mart since my coworkers told me that Wal-Mart does not take EyeMed. Any info on this?

Postby Optician » Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:40 pm

Hey Everyone,

I can help clear a few things up since I am a practicing optician with optical training/certification as well as knowledge of Walmart policies in their vision centers. The doctors that lease space at Walmart Vision Centers are almost always Independent Optometrists who contract with the company to rent space and services from the Walmart Vision Center employees. Lenses are priced individually on the receipts for insurance, record retention, and prescription purposes. When prices are quoted, the lenses are added together so the customer knows what to expect for overall cost of the lenses. In terms of cost, it is very possible to spend $400-$500 on a pair of eyeglasses even at Walmart depending on the customer's personal prescriptions and optical needs.

I myself spend $145 for single vision lenses because I have a high prescription and require more specialized lenses. My lenses have all the AR, UV, and scratch coatings built into my lenses for that price, which is quite the deal. Even with $24 of high RX fees from the lab, I can get a great pair of glasses suited for my needs for $200-$250 depending on my frame choice. Elsewhere for a comparable pair of eyeglasses, I have had to pay $500-$600 for my single vision glasses. Any time a bifocal is part of the prescription, the lenses automatically become more expensive. The most expensive lens is going to be a progressive (also called a no-line lens) and those are even expensive at a Walmart when it comes to the premium progressive options that will serve most patients better depending on lifestyle, work environment, and prescription needs.

Standard plastic progressive lenses start at $79 at most Walmarts. The top of the line for progressives at many Walmart Vision Centers are often the Nikon Customized Progressive lenses which run $350 for both lenses (priced individually at $175) without transitions or $415 for both lenses (individually priced $207.50) with the transition feature. Those progressive lenses are top of the line lenses designed digitally to provide the glasses' wearer with improved functionality through better no-line corridor design and improved coating formulas. They are more expensive than the standard options, but they come with some serious benefits for the wearer by getting that patient as close to ideal vision as his or her personal prescription allows. So yes, even though it's Walmart, you can still pay a lot for a pair of eyeglasses. Limiting your budget for your optical needs will limit the quality of your vision. If you want/need lens enhancements, you will have to pay for them. You're only given one pair of eyes and if you aren't blessed with 20/20 uncorrected vision, you will only see as well as your choices in eyeglass design allow.

The best thing for your vision will always cost more, no matter where you go. If you are on a tight budget, a standard pair of eyeglasses fit with your RX will still improve your vision. Speaking as someone who is legally blind without correction, you have to decide where your vision lies on your list of financial priorities. I find that eating out and shopping half as much as I normally would over two months saves me enough money to buy a really nice pair of eyeglasses at Walmart.

Postby Mango » Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:38 am

Optician wrote:Limiting your budget for your optical needs will limit the quality of your vision. If you want/need lens enhancements, you will have to pay for them.

Hi Optician, thanks for posting. :D

Perhaps I could ask you a question. I don't (yet) need progressives. Like you, I wear single vision lenses with AR/UV/scratch coatings. My prescription is low enough that I can get away with cheap 1.57-index lenses and they don't look particularly thick. As far as I'm aware I don't have any problems with my corrected vision. If I wanted to increase the quality of my vision, what upgrades should I consider and what improvements would I notice?

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Postby Sri » Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:27 pm

I went to the walmart in Piscataway NJ. they told me the eye exam for contacts is $155. This is wayyy more than what my friends paid in other walmarts. Not sure if the prices have increased now

Postby old goat » Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:06 pm

I bought frames for $9 and my lenses were $15 each for a total of $41 after tax. 2 years ago since my last two eye exams showed no change in prescription. I haven't bought any since. Walmart # 0571
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Postby Judy » Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:50 pm

Just picked up my Nikon 1.67 high index glasses. Paid $330 for single vision. Very disappointed. Lenses are thicker than my previous polycarbonates. I was told they would be more expensive, but lighter and thinner. Not so, heavier and thicker, very disappointed. Really see worse than with my previous glasses. I do not recommend these glasses. Extremely disappointed in them.

Postby owensdj » Sat Mar 21, 2015 1:04 pm

I got some new lenses for my existing glasses on Wednesday. $150(plus tax and $10 fee to put them in glasses) for polycarbonate Nikon Eyes lenses with scratch and anti-glare coating. Bifocals would have been $20 more. Progressives would have been $70 more.

I have to say they're pretty impressive. I'm seeing much better than with my previous lenses I got from the optical shop of my eye doctor. The new lenses also seem to be somewhat thinner than the old ones even with a slightly stronger prescription.
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Postby ms swan » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:33 am

george wrote:Do you mean that they charged $15 per lens? That does seem very odd that they would break their price down by each lens. I can't imagine why they did that unless you were buying two different types of lenses. I'm guessing that would be extremely rare though.

My understanding is that a person can have a certain vision reading in one eye and the other eye will be stronger or weaker so the lens are going to be different and therefore the prices are going to be different
ms swan

Postby Optician » Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:25 am

Hi guys, I was bored here at work and looking at information on lenses just for fun and I stumbled upon this while looking up the Digimax lenses.
First of all I'm a certified and licensed optician working in a Vision center. I'd like to tell you that not all vision centers are the same. There are TWO companies that are inside walmarts; There is corporate walmart in most and then there is the company I work for called National Vision Inc. We are nation wide. We both carry different lenses and frames. National Vision is also the same company as America's Best, Eyeglass World, Optical Center and Vista optical in some of the Fred Meyer stores. Some of the doctors work with our company and some are completely independent. All of them accept different insurances depending on the other stores within certain radia in surrounding areas.

All lenses and options vary depending on the persons' Rx and what their specific needs are. I will always recommend and AR coating for clearer crisper vision for night time driving and for those that get eye fatigue. If you want a good high quality pair of glasses, yeah, you're gonna have to pay for it. I wouldn't recommend buying online as the quality isn't the same, I've bought online just to read the glasses myself and see how they come out.

As far as transitions go there are different types of transitions that all have their own benefits to them. The Signature changes back and forth the fastest and goes completely clear indoors and comes in different tint colors, the Xtra Active gets the darkest and tints the most behind a windsheild of a car and has a light tint indoors, and the Vantage polarizes when it darkens and also has a slight tint indoors.

Like mentioned from other eyecare professionals on here, if you want good quality, you should expect to pay for it, you only have one set of eyes.

Postby Paranoimiagrey » Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:11 am

girly wrote:i went to walmart to purchase eye glasses, paid for the eye exam and they charge me for each lens. i asked why do you pay for each lens he said thats the way it is you pay separately for each lens.

This is also probably there are people like me who require two different prescriptions. My left eye is two steps better than my right. [shrugs]

Postby iralen » Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:07 pm

I will never go to Walmart to get glasses I took my own prescription just bought the frame with anti glare and transition spent $300 and I still can see at night time because I still see all the glare from the cars headlights and the transition only happens when its cloudy instead of when the sun is really bright I went back into Walmart and they just told me that next time I should get plastic lenses instead of glass like I was suppose to know that.

Postby george » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:39 pm


I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with your new glasses. Anti-reflective lenses can help to some extent with glare from headlights, but that is really just in comparison to lenses without the anti-reflective coatings. All glasses are going to have some issues with glare. I've never heard of Transitions getting darker when it is cloudy compared to bright sun. The lenses are designed to respond to UV light, so unless there is a high UV level on a cloudy day, I'm not sure how that could happen. The only exception is inside a car - because most cars have UV filters on the windows which prevents most Transitions (except Drivewear) from getting darker inside a car.

I also doubt that you have actual glass lenses. While you can still get glass if you search, most places avoid it because of the weight and potential for injury if the glass breaks. More likely you have polycarbonate lenses. I'm also not sure that the material of your lenses would make that much difference with regard to glare or how the Transitions work.

The one thing your comments highlight is that Walmart may not have as good of opticians to guide and education people on the pros/cons of the various lenses compared to a private optometrist's office. While there can be a lot of variability at different eyeglass stores, I'm guessing the variation may be higher at a place like Walmart - but that is just a guess.

If you do wind up buying another pair of glasses, please share whether they are better or have the same issues.

Thank you for sharing your experience.
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Postby RudyAllan » Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:01 pm

Yes I just got back from Walmart eye glass center. I spent $500 on 2 pairs of glasses. Doctor here at the Viera Florida store told me I needed one pair for reading and one pair for driving. I told him the 2nd pair are not for reading but rather for computer work and I need anti-glare. They charged for the anti glare but when I went to pick up the glasses they were not anti-glare but rather cheap plastic lens just like dollar store glasses. The reason that they no longer grind the lens locally and it takes 2 weeks for pickup is because they have them done in china where the frames are made as well and then UPS them to each store from china.

I tried the computer glasses on and they only helped when reading a book 5-6 inches from my face. While viewing a computer which is more like one and a half feet away my eyes were nothing but blurred. The driving glasses are also cheap dollar store lens and I cannot wear them if its bright and sunny cuz they have no tint ( I only drive in the day here in Florida)... so both pairs were a total waste $500 waste and walmart will NOT refund or change either pair. I could have fe :oops: d my children for 2 months with that money! :twisted: I Hate Walmart :oops:

Postby george » Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:36 pm


Sorry to hear about your frustrating experience, and even more frustrating is that they aren't willing to do anything about it. I'm curious what the cost breakdown was for your glasses. I know the single vision polycarbonate lenses with anti-reflective coatings used to cost around $110, but I haven't checked recently. Perhaps you also selected frames at the pricier end of the Walmart spectrum. Either that or you needed high index lenses (stronger prescription) which can cost a little more.

As for the computer glasses - it sounds like they made you reading glasses and not computer glasses. If you clearly said you would be using the glasses for computer work, then they messed up and should correct it. Do they have on your prescription what your reading prescription is and what they ordered for the computer glasses?

As for your distance glasses at this point, my suggestion is that you buy a clip-on sunglasses. They sell them at Walmart and you can probably get a reasonable pair for around $10. I would normally suggest getting polarized lenses as well, but you should be aware that it may affect your ability to read your cell phone screen when wearing them, and may affect your ability to read certain screens in your car. If that is an issue for you, just get tinted clip-ons without polarized lenses.

I'm not sure what you mean when you keep saying that the lenses are like cheap plastic dollar store glasses. What about the lenses makes you say that? As for anti-reflective coatings, you can tell if your glasses have them if you look at your glasses at an angle and see reflections of the lights looking in different colors - typically purplish hues or greenish hues. I'm guessing your lenses do have an anti-reflective coating if you paid for it and Walmart won't make any changes.

Did they by any chance suggest bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses for you? I personally have found the Costco progressive lenses to be excellent, with good correction for reading and computer usage distances.

If you want to get reasonable computer glasses at a cheap price, you can always order from places like Zenni, but make sure you know exactly what prescription to enter for computer glasses, as it will be somewhere between your distance vision and your reading glasses prescription. Maybe the eye doctor at Walmart can at least tell you what your prescription should look like for computer glasses, assuming that isn't what they ordered you.
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Postby Bindery Mike » Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:56 pm

I took my son to lens crafters two years ago and paid $210 for his glasses with my health insurance. It took us nearly two hours to get the glasses ordered , they were very slow, they showed a attitude that indicated I'm going to be here 8 hours regardless of how fast I work. December I myself went to walmart to get glasses I had gotten my exam at a opthamologist because I have a small cataract then I went to walmart to get my glasses it took me a lit lknger to pick out frames then to have the lady do her measurements and fill out the forms. I was very happy with the service they give. I've been going to the vision center at three walmarts for years for all kinds of repairs and adjustments and they never charge even when I didn't get the glasses from walmart. I will always get my glasses from Walmart no matter where you go they all have the same training the biggest difference is the price. By the way with my insurance I paid $30 for my glasses.
Bindery Mike

Postby 3Hearts58 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:01 am

I been looking at glasses from Wal-Mart. I bought my last pair there. I like the store because if you buy the cleaner for glasses, take it in when empty and they will refill it for free. Also I thought I would get the poly and transitional lenses. First they told me with plastic lenses, with anti-glare and add the transition it would be 164.00 with the $9.00 frames 173.00 total. When I went back later to ask about Trivex which come with anti-glare Trans,and $9.00 frames would be $270.00. Then she said the poloy comes with anti-glare and with Trans and $9.00 frames it would be 270.00. So only the plastic did not come with anti-glare. And told me the poloy with a/g and Transitional would be 244.00. I didn't understand why the price went up in just a week? I guess I will try again and see if they go back to the first price again. Lol. But really I have bought from them two times now and they ALWAYS take care of me free of charge to fix any small problem I might have. I will go there again. Haven't really had any problems with them.

Postby EdinFla » Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:10 am

I'm in Boca Raton, Florida and Walmart Optical here charges $65.00 for an eye exam. The same exam is $50 at Sears Optical all the time.

Postby Jessie3 » Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:11 am

george wrote:
They charge $49 for the eye exam.

Their cheapest lenses are plastic (as expected) for only $30. The $30 lenses have no coatings on them. They charge an extra $10 for UV coating and $35 for anti-reflective coating.

They also offer the polycarbonate lenses (impact resistant and lighter) with UV coating, scratch resistant coating, and anti-reflective coating for $118.

Does anyone know how much it would be to get regular old plastic lenses with scratch resistant coating? I need the very most basic of glasses, I've survived for 25 years now on the earth without glasses, but now I'm realizing more and more that I'm working a LOT on computers, and probably do need some type of correction.

My vision gets blurrier towards the end of the day, because I'm straining my eyes. The only place I would be using them would be at the office, for the hours that I am there. I will need anti-glare, and scratch resistant, but not poly-carbonate or anti-UV.

Does anyone know what the anti-scratch coating costs? What is the proper name for this type of coating? I feel like I'm always going to get ripped off because I don't know the correct term for exactly what I need, and that they will try to up-sell me on some bull that I would be just as fine without. I'm willing to spend $150 total on this adventure. The frames don't have to be fashionable, as they're just for work.
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Postby george » Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:24 am

The eye exam will be around $55-60 at most Walmarts. Plastic lenses at Walmart are around $28. The frames can be as low as $9 with many under $50. I don't know what Walmart charges for anti reflective coating on the plastic lenses. They will probably try to get you to buy the polycarbonate lenses which have anti reflective coatings for $110.

If these are your first pair of glasses and you want to go cheap, you can get your eye exam at Walmart and then fill your prescription online at Zenni. You can get decent Zenni glasses for under $20 shipped to you. If it doesn't work out you are only out the $20.
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Postby Pattycakes » Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:14 am

Does anyone know what they charge to add prescription to my existing glasses?

Postby george » Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:50 pm


Prices may vary based on location, so you are probably best to check with your local Walmart by phone if it isn't convenient to stop in. For my local Walmart, they require a current prescription, as they will not take the prescription off of the lenses (by measuring the lenses). If you have a current prescription (which you can also obtain from their eye doctors for whatever they charge for an eye exam, typically around $50-60, my local store only charges $10 to measure the lens size, and then you would just pay whatever the price is for the particular lenses you are buying. So, if the polycarbonate lenses are $110, you would pay $120 if you bring your own frames. They also specified that they can NOT be rimless frames.

Hope that helps.
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Postby ford681 » Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:35 pm

WIDoreen wrote:I just got my new glasses 3 weeks ago. I had the prescription. My glasses are lined bi-focal, polycarbonate lenses, and I picked out a flexi-frame which was $98. I paid a total of $216, which is a lot less then Ihave paid in many years. They were ready in 5 days. I used no coupons or discounts. The salesassociate was friendly, helpful, and informative. I love the glasses and will definitely buy from them again. :D

I had ordered glasses from walmart and they told me one week i will get thema week later not ready yjey told me give them another week so i did after that week they told me they will be ready in a month so i told them take the order and shove it i will never order or buy glasses from them whats so eever and then they got the nerve to offer me a discount think not so i went to a diffrent place and got them in 5 days

Postby MikeZ » Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:41 am

MY wife is a cancer survivor and she is slightly disabled. We went to our local Walmart to get her prescription Eye glasses. She has to have prisms. The ladies chipped in out of their own pocket and paid for my wife's glasses.

Postby [email protected] » Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:42 pm

I went to Walmart for glasses. They did not have any pamphlet or pricing sheet for there glasses, nor did they offer me one. I filled out a questionaire, last question being "What is your budget for eyewear today?". They took my insurance then showed me hand written prices. The lowest priced polycarbonate where $149.00 with insurance(don't know if that included the frames, but the ones I picked out were $28.00). I still was not told what my insurance paid. They did not have my records from my previous visit. There exam does not include the center to center distance between the pupils of your eyes, something you're going to need if you want to buy some where else, such as on-line. Walmart is not about saving you money anymore, but seeing how much they can get out of you.
[email protected]

Postby Jerry » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:09 pm

I went there got the exam for 70.00. Picked some frames for 28.00. The two lens was 32.50 each. Very good service.

Postby lu lens » Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:17 pm

i forgot to check walmart - but now I am seeing these posts I am very glad I went with costco
I just got lenses from costco - they arrived unbelievably fast 4 days.
I decided to have the 1 x office distance and 1 x readers separate. but now i wish i had ordered transitionals. however i am very happy with the quality.
I paid $310 for TWO pairs you get $25 off if you order a second pair
and my perscription is on the high side with a stigmatism . the frame prices for my eye glasses were 39 and 59

my eyes are each different , i believe there is a difference in most peoples
lu lens

Postby Sally MacAfee » Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:45 pm

jonas wrote:I just found out my husband spent $456.00 dollars at Walmart yesterday for some Digimax progressive lenses. He's at work and that's all the girl would tell me on the phone. No more detail than that. I can't believe any glasses would cost that much!! And that's with insurance paying $100.00 dollars!

==== I've been paying $400 for the varLix lenses plus the cost of frames and the exam. Recently stopped in Walmart because my mother bent her glasses which she did not purchase T Walmart. They were extremely nice to her and fixed her glasses at no charge. They spent about half an hour straightening them. I will be going there next time.
Sally MacAfee

Postby timsmoen » Fri May 20, 2016 10:30 am

I went to Walmart 3/11/2016 for a eye exam and glasses. Never did they show me a pricing sheet. After verifying my insurance online they showed me my pricing options ( hand filled in prices ). Since they do not keep records of my previous exam and prescription they wrote and filled my glasses with less magnification on the bifocal(reader part) than my previous glasses. And I'm stuck with them. Walmart is no longer about saving you money, but how they can milk you for more money. :(

Postby george » Fri May 20, 2016 4:05 pm


Did you go back and tell them the reading portion isn't strong enough? Did they not repeat the eye exam before filling the prescription? They should have had a current prescription and made the lenses to fit that. If the lenses don't match your current prescription, they should be responsible to remake them. For other visitors, can you saw which location you had problems with? I'm sure each store is different and some better than others.
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Postby [email protected] » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:29 am

I bought eyeglasses at Wal-Mart 2 years ago.About 3 weeks away from my 1 year warranty was going to expire,I brang them in to try to get new lenses since they were scratched and I needed new frames,as the ones I could afford kept breaking.Amazingly,they could not find me ANYWHERE in their computer!!!So I had to pay for new frames and use my way scratched lenses.Now I don't have vision insurance and my frames are once again broke and I can barely see out of the lenses due to them being scratched up.It is just so remarkable that when my warranty was in effect they couldn't find me in their computer.I bet IF I had 500$ cold hard cash in my hand they would find me,but unfortunately we as living on husband's pension and can't afford it.Thanks Wal-Mart ,I'll probably be blind in a few months!
[email protected]

Postby eyefoureyes » Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:53 am

I bought my Walmart glasses in 2011 and am still wearing them as I type. They have held together wonderfully. I have other, much more expensive frames and you can notice a difference; however, I love the Walmart glasses for what they are. I got mine same day and it costed about $150 with eye exam.

Postby Steph123 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:38 am

In case anyone is still wondering, the eye exam was 55, and there frames range from $9-$130, where I'm from. There cheapest "package" is 140.00 and the second package is 180.00. Overall I paid 208, for frames that were $28 dollars, and the second package of $180. It also comes with three month warranty for the lenses and one year warranty for the frames. The only difference in the packages is that the lenses are thinner for the 180 package, since I have a high prescription this was the better option for me. She did say I might have to pay a 25 dollar fee for having a higher prescription, but in the end I didn't have to pay the fee, yay me.

Postby jo-nathan Alford » Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:47 pm

I was just told at Wal-Mart in Brunswick Georgia that for a eye exam and contact's was 250.00 wow never knew that Wal-Mart was this expensive
jo-nathan Alford

Postby Hunt6x6elk1 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:16 am

Wife just got the exam, two sets of cheapest glasses and entire thing was $139.00

Postby vharris » Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:12 pm

I went to the Walmart eye center at the University mall location today around 1230p. Arrive one associate was there with a client. The associate never said someone will be with you soon or anything. After 5 minutes or so an associate came out of an office in the back wanted to know what I needed. I told her that I needed a frame to put my lens in since it was broken. Took my glasses never measure them so I could look in the area of frames of choices. She looked at a few frames only in one area. I don't think we have any this size anyway. Where did you get your glasses from anyway. I told her. You just need to go back there without really trying to help
Walmart would have been the place for me getting my glasses. They told me on one accasion that due to prescripton I needed to go somewhere else since it was a presciption that requires a special machine. Would have to be sent out and would take a few weeks or more to come back. I just had moved from out of town then. I have had family members in Charlotte that use Walmart before on emergency situation when needed a frame due to accidentally broken. Repaired on the spot. Here in Winston-Salem I was treated as if the associate did not want to try and help me. I was not far from home just barely made it there with an old pair of glasses that I could no see well. Just was not treated well at a place we really do a lot of business.

Postby Aher » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:00 pm

jo-nathan Alford wrote:I was just told at Wal-Mart in Brunswick Georgia that for a eye exam and contact's was 250.00 wow never knew that Wal-Mart was this expensive

That's sounds reasonable. I go to kaiser and it cost me $20 copay for exam and extra $149 for contacts fitting. Thats not including any contacts only 1 trial pair. Another $370 for contacts. I think I will try out Walmart. Thanks for the post.

Postby Guest » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:43 am

Each state is different. Some are owned by Wal-Mart and some are not. Some doctors are independent and some are associate doctor stores. In Missouri the vision centers are owned by Wal-Mart and they have both independent and associate doctors.
Pricing is different for exams because independent doctors set their own prices. Our associate and independent doctor charges $55 for a comprehensive exam. Contact exams are $99 to $119 depending on if you want are a topic, bifocal, monovision wearer.
Eyewear prices in Missouri Wal-Mart vision centers are different if you are,under or over 18. Kids lenses are 29 for basic. 49 for anti glare and 79 for transitions. Adult single vision in plastic are 29 for basic. Add 50 for anti glare. Progressive for polycarbonate start at 139. Less for plastic. More for high index or HD . Frames start at 9. Go to 170.

Postby lilmama » Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:13 pm

I just found out my insurance does not pay for glasses :(. I have my prescription, I just need bifocal lenses (the lines do not bother me) , I can use my old frames, how expensive do you think my eye center would be (Walmart).

Postby george » Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:53 pm

When I last checked my local Walmart, it was $49 for plastic lined bifocal lenses and $110 for lined polycarbonate. The polycarbonate also included anti-reflective, UV, and anti-scratch coatings.

If you get a different price quote from your local Walmart, please let us know!
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Postby Girl98 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:24 am

Well I came on here to see if it’s worth buying glasses from Walmart. Judging by reading these comments I believe America’s Best eyeglasses is better. You can get 2 pairs of glasses for no more than $100 (depending on if you want some fancy frames such as Nike or coach) The eye exam would be free. The eye exam would only be free if you get the 2 pairs of glasses.

Postby Guest » Wed May 30, 2018 2:12 am

It is time for me to get an eye exam. I checked with my local WalMart and the exam is $89.000. I did not ask in detail about dilation, etc.
I have had one cataract removed and I may need the other eye. I made an appt with my ophthalmologist to do the eam plus take a look at my cataract.

Postby Darryl » Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:31 am

I went in today had a exam,including a dilation,which came to $60.Each poly lens was $157.50.The frame was $143.00.And that wasn't the price on the wall,$124 was.Like the rest of you,I came here searching for why I was charged twice for poly lens.Forgot to say they will be progressives and transisstions,or change to sunglasses outside.

Postby Chaera » Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:22 am

I finally had my eye exam last Saturday August 17, 2019
Hammond, Lousiana

Eye exam $69
Poly lens $110 ($55 each lens)
Optical roll edge $10 ($5 each)
Lens processing fee $10
Tax $6.50

Total $205.50

I used my old frame, I agree to the previous posts/replies. It is cheaper to buy frames with lens online.

Postby JMcCall612 » Fri Feb 03, 2023 1:03 am

I'm trying to figure out if I was overcharged. I paid $148 for transition lenses after I called and was told it was going to be around $40. I know that's cheaper then pearle vision but I was trying to be cheap .

Postby george » Mon Feb 06, 2023 9:33 pm

When I last checked a few years ago at Walmart, it was an extra $65 to add Transitions to the regular cost of whatever lens you picked. So, if they said your Transitions would cost $40, then your lens maybe cost $108, which sounds about right depending on the type of lens and any coatings you got. Most people are saying the basic polycarbonate lens has been around $110 a pair.
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