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Postby george » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:52 pm

As I continue to find out information about different retailers that are popular for eyeglasses and eye exams, I add them to my thread on where to buy cheap glasses. Today I managed to get a fairly complete list of costs at my local Sam's Club optical department.

Here's a summary:

Standard Eye exam: $49 plus $15 for optional pupil dilation
Contact Lens Exam: $84-$115 - the higher price is apparently if you have astigmatism or other special circumstances, and this includes a standard eye exam

Eyeglass frames range in price from $47 up to $160

Plastic - $30 + $45 if you want anti-reflective coating
Polycarbonate $130 (includes anti-reflective coating) + $50 for Transitions (photochromic lenses that darken when in the sun)
High Index 1.67 $130 (includes anti-reflective coating) + $50 for Transitions (I asked to confirm that these are the same price as their polycarbonate lenses, and they insisted the price was accurate - not sure if this is a special or their standard price)

Zeiss Progressive Bifocal lenses - $198 + $60 for Transitions
Nikon Progressive Bifocal lenses (referred to as Nikon HD progressives by the staff, saying they are "digitally mapped") - $340 + $65 for Transitions

I asked if they offer Crizal anti-reflective coatings, as someone had mentioned in the anti-reflective coating thread that someone got Crizal lenses at Walmart Vision Center (Walmart is the parent company for Sam's). The person at Sam's club I spoke to insisted that Crizal coatings are not offered at any Walmart or Sam's locations, so I'd appreciate if anyone else has found out differently. She said that they other than their Nikon HD progressive lenses, they use Zeiss lenses which have the anti-reflective coating already applied. When I recently spoke to Walmart, they said they refer to their anti-reflective coating as "Platinum", which is a name used with some of the Zeiss coatings, but Zeiss seems to frequently change their coating names and composition (from what I have seen on their website) so I'm not sure what coating Walmart and Sam's actually uses, but it is probably a pretty good quality treatment.

Overall, it seems people are mostly satisfied with Sam's club and their prices are very reasonable, especially compared to many of the standard eye care chains like Lenscrafters. I personally think the prices and quality are likely a little better at Costco Optical.
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Postby Dhernz » Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:10 am

I just quoted $325 for Zeiss high index lenses anti scratch, glare, and uv protection. Plus frame adds another $100

Postby Woody Autumn » Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:22 pm

BEWARE! of Sam’s Club Optical.

They are selling counterfeit Zeiss lenses for a premium price. :o

Zeiss marks all of their lenses with a laser-engraved “Z” in the non-vision area of the lenses. This identifies them as legitimate Zeiss lenses.

I paid for Zeiss lenses on my eyeglasses from Sam’s Optical but the lenses that I received did not have the laser-engraved “Z” on them. When I notified them about it, they allowed me to return them. However, they are still selling the counterfeit lenses to others. :x

I should have taken the eyeglasses to the offices of the Attorney General for the state I live in. So, that a full investigation could be conducted about this. Sam’s probably owes millions to others who have purchased the counterfeit lenses and do not know it.

If you bought Zeiss lenses from Sam's Optical, please check to see that they have the laser-engraved "Z" on them. More than likely, you have paid a premium price for counterfeits. Sam's Optical will lie to you and tell you that their Zeiss lenses do not get the engraved Z on them. This is a lie. They do not have a "Z" on them because they are counterfeits and are not legitimate Zeiss lenses. Zeiss marks all their lenses with the "Z".

I would avoid Sam’s Optical for all your eyeglass needs not just because of counterfeits but because they do not accurately price your eyeglasses either. You will be overcharged and your vision insurance benefits stolen.
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Postby george » Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:37 am

I doubt they are fake zeiss lenses. Zeiss does have a known relationship with both Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. My understanding is that Zeiss makes a lens specifically for them. It is probably one of their basic lenses with different branding. I'm not positive which lens it is equivalent to that would be sold through private optometrist shops. It is interesting that it doesn't have the zeiss engraving. If I find out more about the zeiss lenses through Sam's Club, I'll post it here.
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Postby Tiffany » Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:05 pm

They probably do sell legit zeiss lenses, but sold you a different brand for zeiss pricing because zeiss lenses (even at cost) are pretty expensive compared to other brands. Not saying that excuses them if they did, but the company I used to work for did that every now and then. Do your research, big companies can be pretty sneaky.

Postby Dave » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:24 am

Sam club stopped using Walmart Labs is my understanding not sure when it started but Walmart has all their glasses made but Ziess.. Matter fact Walmart labs are set up and the machines are all supplied by Ziess znd I know a Ziess rep. If you want crizal just order Nikons those are made by essilor. Now I am working on who is Sam's new supplier.

Postby Guest » Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:31 am

Sam's said their new progressive HD lenses are made by Pentax.

Postby Jeff Clark » Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:32 pm

Stay away from Sam's in Janesville, WI. Their staff are under trained and not well versed in Customer Service. Made 3 different attempts to use my insurance there without any success. First stop was about 45 minutes of determining what I needed to finding out at purchase time the clerk had no idea on how to process insurance claims. Told me to come back in 2 days when his boss was there. Went back a second time, spent another 30 minutes watching the "boss" try to get an authorization number for purchase of glasses. Was not successful. Came back a third time, spent over 45 minutes watching the clerk text his boss on how to process insurance. After that, was told he contacted my insurance company and they didn't have me on file. I took my insurance card from the clerk, called the number myself, and while I was on the phone with my insurance company, they called that same clerk and provided him with an authorization number. Spent the next 15 minutes watching the clerk try to process my authorization number and he told me that it wasn't any good. I asked for him to call the "boss". The boss said there wasn't anything he could do and to pay out of my own pocket for the glasses and ask for reimbursement from my insurance company. I got home, called my insurance company who repeated that once they have the authorization number, I am allowed to order glasses. My insurance company asked me to hold while they called the Sam's Club and ask why they wouldn't process my request. My insurance company came back on the line and said go somewhere else. They don't get it, or know what they are doing. Buyer be aware.

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