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Postby Ywhynot » Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:05 am

I got anti glare. The coating has deteriorated and causes sight problems. I wasn't knowledgable about this but accepted the recommendation of the business . Now they tell me there is only a one year warranty on the coating.they of course expect me to buy a new pair. I find it hard to believe glasses could be sold with something that does not last. My prescription has not changed in 2 years and I am not a style maven. I do not have the money to change glasses every year when not medically necessary. I always noticed the glass always seemed dirty and scratched. Since I have worn glasses for 50 years and never had problems such as this I feel House of Plastics sold an inferior product and will not stand behind their product. Advise to others ask extensive questions when buying.

Postby george » Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:50 pm

I moved this post from the anti-glare lenses thread. I thought it seemed more like an issue with the particular store rather than an issue specific to anti-reflective lenses.

You called the store House of Plastics, but I couldn't find any store by that name. The closest I could find searching was House of Plastic Opt, which is also called House of Optical. If it is the correct store, it is located in Clawson, Michigan. I'm guessing it is the same store, because on their Yelp page there is a review posted similar to the comment you made here. As the comment was left on August 2,2013, I'm guessing you are the same person who left the comment on Yelp. Clearly you are not pleased with how they responded to your concerns.

I think a 1 year warranty on anti-reflective coatings is pretty typical. If there was a defect in the coating itself, you'd expect to see problems in the first year. While many of the newer anti-reflective coatings are marketed as very scratch resistant and durable, it is still possible to scratch them. Did House of Plastics say that the film and scratches were due to the anti-reflective coating?

Having said that, I've had many pairs of glasses from various places - Zenni Optical (where you can get yourself some decent and very inexpensive glasses if you think you can't afford new glasses every year), Costco, and a private eye doctor all with anti-reflective coatings. I personally really disliked my glasses when I tried going back to not having an anti-reflective coating. Each of the anti-reflective coatings I've had managed to last without any scratches or problems for the year I used them, before replacing my glasses. I have always been pretty careful with how I clean my eyeglasses, but my glasses have tolerated being bumped, jostled, and dropped without any noticeable scratches or defects.

It is possible that whatever coating House of Plastic used was an inferior product. I'd be curious what particular type of anti-reflective coating they used to see if it is one of the name brands that is supposed to be very durable. It is possible that your glasses just had a bad application of the coating, although if the coatings lasted for 2 years before deteriorating, it seems just as likely to be some other reason. Is it possible you had used something to clean the lenses that has left a film? Is it possible that you did scratch the lenses?

I'm not sure this is a particular issue with anti-reflective coatings. I did have one pair of glasses without an anti-reflective coating which did show some scratches on the lens. I wasn't particularly careful with that pair of glasses and the scratches didn't really bother me. I didn't even notice them much until I got new glasses.

Bottom line - I'm not sure you can blame House of Plastic. I've heard many more positive experiences with anti-reflective coatings than negative. They don't have to be super expensive either. Zenni's seem more than adequate. Costco's are very reasonably priced too.

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