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Postby Twila » Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:18 am

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I wish I'd seen this post about Costco before I returned to Hakim, where I've dealt for 10 yrs. + Frankly, it's a game - it's just like buying a used car and I've about had it with Hakim. Doesn't matter what you say, you still come out of there with a bill for about $200 when at first you had high hopes the lenses could be replaced for $80. (They said this on the phone). Some dude from Toronto (hrrr-umph head office...) tells me there's no way the lenses cost $80. And then starts screwing around with just repairing one lens. Honestly, it was nauseating. I became so annoyed that at his invitation I went on with the woman, but you know she wasn't any better and I still felt so shafted when I got out of there. I found 3 frames and each time I asked for the price, it increased...$10 more, then $20. They must think people are really stupid. I'm not stupid, I'm certainly insulted and will really avoid going back there again. My son mentioned Costco to me and I'm betting it's probably the best deal around. My lens was scratched - remember that anti-scratch thing you pay more for? Well it seems my scratch was a "serious scratch" and didn't qualify for any kind of free replacement, heavens no. As I mentioned before, it's a game. I'd like to listen in on their conversations when there are no customers and they probably joke around about how much they just ripped off their latest customer for a pair of glasses.

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That does sound like a very annoying experience. I had never heard of Hakim Optical so I looked them up. No wonder I hadn't heard of them as they seem to be only located in Canada and I'm in the states. I'm not sure how much different Costco is in Canada compared to the states, but I'm a big fan of the Costco stores I've been to around here. They seem to really go out of their way to provide great support of their products. It's too bad Hakim optical didn't give you better service.

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