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Postby freedeal » Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:20 pm

Unlike coastal, it's not for first time customers, you can buy as many pairs as you like, and their free lenses cover higher scripts. 1.5-1.57 index single vision lenses (sph +/-6, cyl +/-2). Use code FINESTGLASSES.COM.

A script higher than +/-6 at 1.5 index would add $5.
Photochromic lenses as low as $16.45 (depends on lens index chosen)
Optician fee of $8.95 on each pair.

I paid $98.95 for 5 pairs of glasses:
1) husband w/higher cyclinder and photochromic lenses
2) myself 1.57 fell within their limits
3) 2 pairs for my son which fell within their limits
4) 1 pair for son w/photochromic lenses

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