What is the best tint color for computer glasses?

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Postby JerryM » Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:32 pm

I do not fine a button to begin a new subject so will use this. Please feel free to move as desired.
I am planning to order a pair of computer glasses with the computer distance in the upper and bifocal on the bottom. Zenni calculated my prescription for that.

My question here is regarding tint. I am of the impression that a 10% tint of either amber, yellow or possibly pink would be the best. I am looking for advice. :?:

I sometimes do not find a button to post a new subject. Am I missing something?

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Postby george » Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:04 pm


If you are on the website's home page, you won't see a new topic button. I should probably look into adding that. You need to go into a specific forum first to see the button, but this site is actually only one forum. You can go to the forum page here:


and that will show you a "New Topic" button.

Are you sure that Zenni calculated the prescription properly? I've never tried ordering computer lenses from them. I'm assuming that a computer lens would basically be the distance prescription with only half of the add that the near vision prescription would have. Then the near vision section would be with the full add.

I would definitely recommend the basic anti-reflective coating.

As for tint color - I've read people using yellow, pink or amber as you are considering, but at closer to a 50% tint. I've read that a 10% tint is probably not noticeable by the person wearing the glasses - but moreso noticeable by people looking at you. So a 10% tint would be more of a cosmetic thing than a functional one.

The concept is to reduce the "blue light". I've read several reports of people finding the pink (also rose or red) most soothing for their eyes. I wouldn't have thought of that before I looked around for info, but if I were only getting one pair to try, I would probably go with the pink color for computer glasses. If I were in an office with co-workers, I might reconsider and pick a more manly color.
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Postby JerryM » Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:10 am

Hi George,
You are correct and that is the way they calculated it. They show how in one of their FAQs.

I went with the 10% yellow which they recommended, and will see what that does. I could get by without any tint, but do like the yellow in the glasses I have.
Thanks for the instructions on the button.

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Postby JerryM » Thu May 15, 2014 11:18 am

I received the glasses and agree that the 10% tint is barely noticeable. However it is OK as none would be OK. However, I would go for the 50% if I did it again. The prescription as determined by Zenni works well for my computer glasses.

I also have purchased a pair of SV Sunglasses that are green gradient lenses. I got SV lenses as the glasses are for driving and I do not need close or intermediate distance corrections to see inside the car and instruments.
I really like the green gradient color. It is not as dark in the upper portion as the 80% gray, but for most activities the 80% gray is a little dark.

In addition,I thought that a clear set of SV glasses with 2 pair of clip on sunglasses in amber and gray might work well for extra sunglasses. I ordered the glasses and the clip on. For some reason I thought the clip ons would be the ones that clip on at 4 points, but they are not, and I do not really like the ones I got from Zenni as they attack at the nose piece. However, I am just playing so not real harm done for the price. Accordingly, I got the 4 point clip ons on ebay. I got gray and amber brown which work out well, but it is not obvious what size clip ons should be. Walmart has some sample pictures which I used to get the proper size.

Overall I am pleased, but am not sure that an extra pair of different sunglasses is better than the clip on.

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Postby graphic professional » Thu Sep 10, 2015 1:11 pm

I have tried several pairs of computer glasses and think 10% gray are the best. I spend 10 hours a day in front of computers and my eyes used to get sore.. I bought my glasses from nerdiwear.. They are light weight and easy to wear all day. They are nonprescription with AR coating and UV coated.. They work really well for me and I wear them daily. Yellow tint does work too but everything is yellow and it gets old wearing them all day. Clear lenses work too because of the AR coating but tints are much better on the eyes. I recommend nerdiwear gray lens.

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