Anti-glare and Transitions Xtractive - glare and blur issues

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Postby Peter » Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:51 am

I recently took delivery of a new pair of prescription bifocals with an A/R coating and Transitions Xtractive treatment. At first, I thought the distance prescription was wrong. Since I bought the glasses from an out of state firm on the web, it was difficult to deal with the vendor, although they were as cooperative as could be. My optometrist tested the lenses and found the prescription in spec.

The only way to truly "prove out" the prescription was to have my original glasses fitted with the new prescription and the same 2 coatings. I took delivery of them this week and they have the same problem. But I finally narrowed down what it is; glare or blur in low light or night conditions. It's especially troublesome with street lights and reflected light from signs, license plates, etc.

These original glasses formerly had an A/R coating and a yellow tinted lens, and did not exhibit the glare problem at night with the old treatment.

Fortunately, I remembered having a third pair of glasses with the old prescription, an A/R coating, and a standard Transitions coating. I tried them out and they do not exhibit the glare problems of either new glasses.

I'm beginning to think it's the Transitions Xtractive coating that's causing the problem or its interaction with the A/R coating. I can't imagine the A/R coating causing the glare.

I'm currently working with my optometrist and the web firm to solve the problem. Any suggestions?
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Postby george » Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:35 pm


I don't have much to offer, and it sounds like something you'll have to work out with your optometrist. I'm not entirely sure I follow what you did - it sounds like you got new glasses with the new prescription, and old frames with the new lenses / prescription put in - and both sets of the glasses have the same problem. You also have an old pair of glasses with the old prescription that don't have the problem.

You don't mention what anti-reflective coating you have, but I'm assuming it is at least a decent one. I know that I have a pair of magnetic sunglass shades that give me an annoying reflection of my own eye in certain bright lights, even though they have an anti-reflective coating on them (according to the manufacturer). It doesn't sound like that is your problem. I also wouldn't expect either AR or xtractive to cause glare / blur problems in low light situations. I wonder if it is the new prescription that just doesn't agree with you for whatever reason.

I'm curious to hear what you wind up doing and how you get the issue resolved. Good luck! I know it is very frustrating to have these sorts of problems.
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