Are clip-on anti-reflective lenses available?

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Postby DFW » Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:06 am

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Is there some way, perhaps a clip on could be used, to add the AR when you need it, and remove it when you don't?

Postby george » Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:13 am


I have to say that I've never heard of something like that. I'm not exactly sure what the purpose would be, as I don't know why you would ever not want the anti-glare properties. Do you have some thoughts on when you wouldn't want an anti-reflective lens? I understand if you want to save money to not get it initially, but if you pay for the option, I don't understand when you would choose to remove it.

They do make clip-on sunglasses that have anti-reflective lenses. They often are also polarized clip-ons. A quick search shows they are available for under $10 at many places online. Clip-on sunglasses make sense to me, as I've used them in the past. I'm not a big sunglasses person, but there are times when driving where it helps. I've also been told that driving with sunglasses during the bright times of the day will reduce my eye strain.

I've only used the clip-on lenses on my glasses that already have anti-glare coatings on the main lens, so I'm not sure how much the anti-glare coating on the clip-on sunglasses would help on glasses without anti-glare coatings. My experience with the clip-on sunglasses has been that there is glare, even though they supposedly were treated with anti-glare coatings. I'm guessing part of the glare is because of the nature of the tint the lenses had, as the tint seems to be fairly reflective.

Let me know what you had in mind as the reason for such a product.

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